Shopping addiction vs. Black Friday

My name is Jessica and I have a shopping addiction.

Okay, lets clarify. I USED to have a shopping addiction. But once an addict, always an addict right?

So there, I said it! I used to rack up my credit cardS (more than one) and spend my entire paycheck on crap. Things that didn'’t serve me, things that I thought I NEEDED. Things that I thought would make me feel better about myself, would bring me happiness, would fill a gap I didn't’ know was there.


Today is Black Friday and if you’re a recovering shopping addict like me, it’s the worst day of the year besides Boxing Week, because it’s no longer just a one day sale at the Bon Marche. Today I woke up to 37 emails about Black Friday. I don’t know how many emails you get per day but 37 is ALOT for me. A few years ago I unsubscribed from emails that tortured me on a daily basis like I was missing out on something big in life. If you’re a shopping addict like me, you know what I’m talking about. 40% off everything at Reitmans today? YES PLEASE says the old me. But the new me thinks: “ You don’t need anything. You have a closet full of clothing you don’t wear and a bank account that’s less than impressive!” But somehow I still found myself scrolling through their website before I even got out of bed. 

Delete, delete, unsubscribe, thanks but no thanks!

I bought ONE Christmas present this morning. That’s the only thing I was allowed to do. I already had planned it out. I saved my pennies and then happily hit purchase. The difference I felt this year was huge. Last year I succumbed to the pressure and purchased a bunch of stuff that I didn’t need and ended up not saving money at all because it was all wasted on junk! It was stressful. Black Friday is stressful. It’s all social media is today. I literally can’t scroll through Facebook without a Black Friday deal smacking me in the face. And I could NEVER be one of those people who line up at Walmart for 5 hours and push old ladies just so they can save $200 on a TV they DON’T NEED!

This Black Friday I shopped small for my ONE purchase. Okay, I have another purchase in mind but I’m still on the fence. I shopped small because I am a “small.” I am one of those business people will “shop small” at. (Not so much during the holidays though, most people don’t purchase $600 vintage buffets right before Christmas hehehe.) But I am in the thick of it and want to support my fellow small shops over the big guys any day.

Did you really think about your purchase this morning or the one you're planning on making tonight? I really urge you to think a little longer about it and who you’re supporting before you click confirm. I also want you to think about why you’re buying it? Are you buying it just because it’s on sale? Is it a gift? Are you buying a gift because you want to or because you think you HAVE to? Everything has meaning and energy. Purchasing something because you think you HAVE to is putting negative energy into it and making it into a chore. But purchasing something for someone because you WANT to and because they DESERVE it, that leaves a lasting impression on them and a warmth in your soul. And really that's what this season is all about!


What about donating instead of buying? Every year I find something close to my heart that I can donate to. This year it's The Gift of Giving. An amazing sponsorship opportunity being put together by Danielle Wiebe to allow women in need to receive a beautiful gift this Christmas Season. Donating always feels good. I urge each of you to find something to donate to this year along side your Christmas purchases.

I can’t tell you exactly what I bought for my ONE Black Friday purchase as the person will probably read this post so instead I decided to list just a couple favourite small shops and their Black Friday weekend deals. Small shops that I love and that you can feel good about purchasing from.

Much love,